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Our goal is to provide excellent childcare, an outstanding program, a safe and loving environment with fun activities every day.

Your child’s overall development with well-being as our #1 priority.

Kids Oasis

where young minds come to play!

A group of children in school.

Family Owned

As a family-owned childcare/preschool we provide a comforting, family-like environment with more individualized attention. We take seriously our role as nurturing mentors during this chapter of their lives and consider it an honor to win a special place in your tiny treasure’s heart.
Smiling children studying at school and sitting at the table

Quality Matters

High-quality early education and childcare programs cultivate immense joy and nurture children’s development during vital early years sparking benefits that ripple into the future. When care is consistent, developmentally appropriate, and emotionally supportive, and the environment is healthy and safe, there is a positive effect on children. It’s imperative to prepare little ones for the academic and emotional demands of elementary education. With quality childcare, children blossom as decision makers,  problem solvers and compassionate friends. Childhood is an oasis of imagination, curiosity, and discovery waiting to be explored. At ABC Kids Oasis, children soar – developing capabilities that empower their unique gifts. We can’t wait to witness the heights our little trailblazers reach!

What I want for children

I want children to be innovators, creative thinkers. We need children who can see the world of possibility on a blank piece of paper and not have to say to an adult “tell me what to draw or tell me what to write.” We are here to provide families and parents with supportive, nurturing situations where children can reach their learning potential. Collectively, we must prepare little ones for kindergarten by resourcing their innate creativity, their ability to innovate with an enriched learning environment, and encourage the ability to keep trying. And that very persistence children are so genius at, that is the piece that is going to sustain them as adults. Kids are avid learners and I enjoy supporting them in continuing the quest for knowledge.

What makes ABC Kids Oasis so special?

Folsom Families are at the heart of everything we do.

At ABC Kids Oasis, you can take comfort knowing your child is receiving the highest quality care and you as the parent feel constantly connected and informed. We aim to make your lives easier while your child flourishes. Please get in touch to learn more about our distinctive services!

Reading notification in the phone

Our distinctive services includes real-time updates about your child. You will get notifications about activities, meals, naps, and more. This constant connection keeps you informed even when apart.

Downloading a dieting app designed for couples

Everything you need is at your fingertips with our easy-to-use parent app. Enjoy direct contact with teachers, contactless sign-in/out, pay tuition easily, and see adorable photos of your child throughout the day.

Children in the car go to school, happy, sweet faces of sisters

Convenient and reliable morning drop off is essential for busy parents and children alike. No more struggling during busy morning rush hour, ABC Kids Oasis is located on a corner, simply pull up to our driveway - makes drop off easy and stress-free! You can now breeze into your day knowing drop off went smoothly.

At ABC Kids Oasis, you gain peace of mind knowing that balanced, nutritious meals are handled for you. Your child stays nourished for active learning with breakfast, lunch and snacks served fresh daily at no extra cost.

Baby boy eating with BLW method, baby led weaning

Infants Program

(6 month – 24 months)

Cute Toddler Painting Easter Eggs

Toddlers Program

(2-3 years old)

Outdoors portrait of cute preschool boy at the playground on natural green background.

Preschool Program

(4-6 years old)

Teacher and kids school learning ecology gardening

After School Program

(6-10 years old)

Children learning in a school classroom

Spanish Learning Program

A Summer School Program

Group of kids playing tug of war
Trusted Teachers

We know trusting your child’s care to someone else is difficult. That’s why I’m selective about our compassionate, devoted and knowledgeable teachers. Our experienced teachers are the heart of our childcare program. We ensure every staff member meets the highest standards when it comes to training, safety, and teaching abilities.

All our teachers are thoroughly vetted through extensive background checks before hire. Our teachers are highly trained in early childhood education best practices. They know how to guide each child through this crucial development window. Their insight helps your child grow and thrive.

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